For the first time since 2019 our year 11s and 13s are beginning their GCSE and A level examinations. I have been so proud of their efforts and the efforts of our hard working staff. These young people have had their curriculum affected adversely by lockdowns, absence and Covid restrictions and yet their resilience, optimism and hard work has shone through. It has been inspiring to see them working so hard, determined and focussed to do as well as they can.

A good school does more than just prepare students for examination, it also teaches them the resilience and discipline to overcome life’s obstacles. All the indications are that this year’s groups will be our highest performing yet, given the circumstances which they have faced this is miraculous. It is only through overcoming hardship and withstanding setbacks that character is formed, all adults know this and sometimes young people don’t find this out until it is too late. This year our young people have discovered this and they have shown great character, this is the Moor Park Way and something that I am very proud of.