This week a beekeeper came to school to rescue a swarm of bees that had left the hive and attached themselves to the gate wall, at the entrance to the school. The beekeeper carefully removed them from the wall and took them to a new home, where they will safely go about the business of pollenating  plants and continuing their role in the cycle of life. It seems that the bees were rare wild honey bees and they will be carefully protected.

It is not only the bees that we said goodbye to this week, we also bid farewell to our year 11s. I have been amazed by the discipline, resilience and good humour of this year group. Their education has been severely disrupted by the pandemic but they have continued giving their best and, like a group of solid worker bees, have gone about their business undeterred.

As a school community we should be immensely proud of their efforts and I am sure this will be reflected in their achievements this summer. Our year 11s have epitomised the Moor Park spirit, they have kept calm and carried on and they will go on to make a positive contribution to the world. We wish them all the best for their journeys ahead.