As a headteacher you rarely get feedback on whether you are doing things right or not; you base most of your decisions on a mixture of training, experience and gut feeling. This week I received some qualitative feedback in the shape of the Lancashire school place appeals panel. Five years ago I attended one appeal, the parent was appealing to our school so that her son could walk to school. There was no mention of what the school could offer, or its high standards. This year I sat through two full days of appeals, parents had written well structured and researched arguments, outlining precisely why Moor Park would meet the needs of their child. They talked of the structured environment, great teaching and wide opportunities available at the school. Most had put us first preference and were unfortunate to sit outside our ever shrinking catchment area.

School improvement is a slow and steady process, it requires years of hard graft and focus on the basics. As we march confidently into the sunny uplands of post Covid education we should be immensely proud that, while the last two years have undoubtedly tested our mettle, we have shown the resilience, bravery and pride that only good schools can manage. Parents aren’t daft, they know what good schools are and they are quite right in wanting them for their children. The onus is on us now to take their feedback and continue our steady march forward.