It used to be that testing in schools involved pen and paper, it now involves swabs and PPE. It was this time last year when we began planning for what became a frighteningly swift closure to schools across the country. I didn’t really know when we closed what the future would look like, I remember feeling great anxiety but also a great sense of assurance that the Moor Park community would respond cohesively to all of the challenges that we would face. I am proud that during this year I have seen the very best of what good people can achieve.

Our testing system has been a tour de force, a vision of efficiency. Our staff have volunteered to help, have been trained and have stepped up heroically. Our testers have all been from our support staff, those members of staff least well rewarded for their hard work; they have been librarians, technology technicians, pastoral staff, premises staff and administrators. They have completed a difficult job without complaint, they are always heroic but this week their work is front and centre. Quite simply we would have no students or teachers in classrooms if it were not for our volunteer army.  So thank you all, I know that all in the Moor Park community share my pride.