Virtual Open Evening

Welcome to Moor Park High School and Sixth form virtual open evening.

Normally we love opening our doors and letting families experience everything that makes Moor Park High School and Sixth Form a unique and successful school, however, the local restrictions in place preclude us from doing so. Although it is impossible to virtually recreate the communal and academic atmosphere which makes Moor Park so special, we hope the information and video, especially created for this event, will help you in gaining a sense of our ethos and values.

During the application process last year (for students starting Moor Park High School and Sixth Form in September 2020), the school received 394 applications for 104 Year 7 places. Parents are encouraged to place the school as their first preference if they would like their child to attend Moor Park High School and Sixth Form.

If you cannot find the information you require on this information page or the school website, our office team are on hand to answer any queries you may have.


We offer a full and rich academic curriculum that allows all students, regardless of prior attainment, the entitlement to study humanities, sciences and full access to a language over 7 years.

Our comprehensive curriculum guarantees that all students will study 2 Humanities subjects up to GCSE level. To ensure this, at the end of Year 9 all students will select either GCSE History or Geography to compliment compulsory full course GCSE Religious Education up to the end of Year 11. This reflects our commitment to giving all students a strong Humanities curriculum.


It is school policy for all students at Moor Park High School & Sixth Form to receive homework on a regular basis. Homework refers to tasks given to students by teachers to be completed outside of class, with the expectation that they will be competed at home.

Homework is set on a weekly basis in most subjects (except for projects in Art, Performing Arts, Technology and Computing at Key Stage 3). It is recommended that students spend approximately 30 minutes per subject in Years 7, 8 & 9 and 45 minutes per subject in Years 10 &11. For a copy of our homework policy and timetable click HERE


Through the school’s transition team we will provide a range of supportive events for our local primary schools to help key stage 2 students feel confident about their move to secondary school.

During key stage 2, our teachers will work alongside teachers in primary schools to provide opportunities for students to visit Moor Park High School & Sixth Form and engage in a range of activities.

This means that most of the children at our local primary schools will already know their teachers and will have experienced our school prior to beginning year 7 so they can make a confident start at Moor Park High School & Sixth Form.

You can find more details regarding our transition programme by clicking HERE


Here at Moor Park High School and Sixth Form, we strongly believe that our extra-curricular offer provides students with a variety of skills and opportunities that will both enhance their school experience and support them in their later years.

Our extra-curricular provision has been designed to include a range of activities led by both Moor Park staff and external professionals and is on offer both within and beyond the school day.  Opportunities in all key stages, include a range of sporting activities such as table tennis, rugby, netball and football. We also aim to enhance the cultural understanding of pupils, and their knowledge of the wider world, through such groups as the Environmental Crisis

Committee and Feminist Club. Examples of the way in which our Science and Technology curriculum is extended include our STEM Race Team, Land Rover Group and Programming Club, all of which have been extremely popular and successful. In addition to these numerous opportunities, we have maintained our proud music tradition through the free KS3 music tuition programme and our numerous lunchtime and after school clubs and choirs.

In addition to the many popular school clubs and societies, we also offer young people the to chance, in both Year 10 and 11, to embrace the opportunity and challenge of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.  This is a highly successful programme with growing numbers of Moor Park pupils gaining their Bronze and Silver awards.

You can see an example of our extracurricular timetable HERE


We actively promote a healthy dialogue between all parents at all times. We want your views, we listen to you and we act on what you say and what you want. Our pastoral staff are always willing to discuss any issues, give advice and sort out any problems that may arise. You can call school, email school or use our school app.

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