The first day of term is like putting on a West End show. The young people arrive and everything is smooth, efficient and sometimes entertaining. What they don’t see are the hours of hard work and preparation that have gone in to making the magic happen. This year we have moved mountains to give our school community the very best. We have given our students over 30 state of the art toilets, that would not be out of place in the lobby of a 5 star hotel. We have refurbished our school hall, reconnecting to the school’s glorious past and pointing firmly forward to its prosperous future. We have built new, state of the art drama and music facilities, showing our commitment to the arts and culture. Every event brings opportunity and we have used the period of Covid closures and restrictions to reimagine our school, ensuring the it lives up to its pledge of, ‘Excellence in All’. This year Ofsted will come back to visit, after nearly four years; we can’t wait to show them what we have achieved. We also can’t wait to once again throw our doors open to our community to see all of our wonderful work.

We Covid tested our students today and found only one positive case, this is a testament to our community and their responsibility. Thank you all for your support. I find myself, even after a quarter of a century in education, prouder than ever to be Moor Park and excited for what this year will bring.