Year 6 Transition- Music Initiative Instrument Information

In September you will start your instrumental lessons. EVERY pupil in year 7 and 8 learns to play an instrument for free. The lessons are taught by specialist tutors who come into Moor Park each week to deliver your lessons.

When choosing your instrument, it is important to make a wise choice as you will not be able to swap your instrument later in the year. Most of you will be given your own instrument for the duration of the initiative. You will be expected to take this instrument home every week after your instrumental lesson to practice at home what you have learnt and you will be required to bring your instrument back to school on the day of your music lesson the following week. For this reason, it is important that you consider the size of the instrument as well as how you get home (e.g. can you carry the instrument home if you ride a bike to school for example?)

The instruments you can choose from are listed below. To help you to make your choice I have provided some links to look at for the orchestral instruments.

Please CLICK HERE to fill out the form and make your choices by 30 June.

Stay safe

Mrs. Brook