Lancaster Access Programme

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Lancaster University for their Lancaster Access Programme. This prestigious programme allows our students to access online and face-to-face modules which are administrated by the university. On completion of the modules, students will receive a one-grade deduction in any offers received to study at Lancaster. So, for example, if the normal entry requirements for a course are AAB, a student who has completed the access programme will receive a reduced offer of ABB.

Students can access either the standard programme, or elect to take part in the Access to Medicine course, which is designed specifically for any aspiring doctors and medics. Some of the  varied and exciting opportunities this programme will provide for students who wish to take part include:

  • Academic writing workshop
  • Campus visits
  • STEM Challenge Day
  • Revision skills workshops

Lancaster University have already been in to speak to our Year 12 students, and will be coming back again in January to speak to Year 10 about how to sign up to the programme. In the meantime, further information can be found at