Year 7 Transition FAQs

Q: What is the difference between primary school and high school?

A: At primary school you will mainly stay in one classroom and have one teacher. At high school you will have to walk between lessons carrying all your equipment to different classrooms. You will have specialist subject teachers that will take your lessons.

Q: What will happen on my first day at Moor Park?

A: We will let you know what time to arrive at school. When everyone has arrived we will place all Year 7 students in their form group and you will then be taken to your form room. Here, you will meet your form tutor and take part in a range of activities so that you get to know members of your form and the school a little better. Some of the activities will include:

  • games to get you talk to members of your form.
  • having a tour of the school so you can remind yourself where everything is,
    including the canteen, library, toilets and year 7 office
  • listening to your form tutor who will explain our school systems including the
    school rules and behaviour policy
  • completing tasks in the Moor Park planner that we will issue you
  • understanding your timetable.



Q: What happens at lunch time?

A: The school tannoy system will announce when it is time for year 7 students to go to lunch. You will then walk to the canteen, take a tray and select your food; there will be a range of hot meals and sandwiches available. Once you have got your meal, you will find somewhere to sit and eat with your friends. When you have finished your meal you will need to put your rubbish in the bin, stack your tray on the trolley and push your chair under. It is then time to either go on to the school yard for fresh air, spend time in the library or take part in one of our lunchtime clubs.

You can also bring a packed lunch from home which can be eaten in the canteen or outside on the yard.

Q: Can we eat outside?

A: Yes, you can eat outside if you bring your own lunch or purchase food from the snack hut on the yard. There are benches and tables available for you to sit at, but all rubbish must be placed in the bins provided.

Q: How do you pay for lunch?

A: We have a cashless system. You will get a four-digit number that you have to keep safe. You use this number to put your money in the cash machine and when you purchase your food; at the till is a keypad for you to input your four-digit number. The cost of your lunch will then come off your account.

Q; How much money will I need?

A: You can get a meal deal in the canteen for £2.40 and this entitles you to a main meal, a pudding and a drink. You may also buy food or drinks at break time so you will need extra money for this. You can bring food from home for your breaks and lunch.

Q; Are there things to do at lunch time?

A: There are a range of lunch time clubs including music, drama, table tennis, football, Wii, Lego club and the school choir. The library is also always open at break and lunch time. The extra-curricular timetable is published each term so you know exactly what activities you can attend.

Q: Do we get to go on the MUGA?

A: Each year group have a day when they can go onto the MUGA to play football at break and lunch time. You will need to bring your trainers on that day as you cannot wear school shoes on the MUGA.

Q: How will I know what lesson I have and what will I study?

A: You will be given a timetable which will have the subjects, room number and your teachers name on. You will have 5 lessons a day and each lesson will last 60 minutes. You will study Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, RE, Art, Music, PE, Design Technology, Spanish, Computing and Personal development and wellbeing.

Q: Will we get homework and when?

A: You will get some homework every day and your class teacher will inform you when the homework is due to be submitted. You will write all this information in your planner and it will also be put on synergy so your parents can check what has been set.

Q: Do students get detentions?

A: Students can get detentions, however most students will never get one whilst at Moor Park. If you follow the school rules and listen to the guidance that teachers give there is nothing to worry about.

If you do get a detention for not following Moor Park rules, these are usually 1 hour long. You can also get detentions for being late to school and not having your PE kit with you and these are 30 mins long.

Q: What if I need the toilet during the school day?

A: We have lots of individual bathrooms; Students will not be allowed out of class to use the toilet unless they have a medical pass. Everyone should use the toilet before school, at break and at lunchtime.

Q; What if I get upset?

A: Moor Park is a very friendly place so you must tell any adult or older student if you are unhappy. They will help you or take you to see Mr. Gray or Mrs. Hargreaves. Alternatively you can go directly to the Year 7 office.

Q; What if I am lost and can’t find my room?

A: Ask any member of staff or an older student where your classroom is. Class teachers are always on the corridor between lessons and older students are always happy to take year 7 students to the correct classroom. If you forget where you should be, or lose your timetable, the office will be able to tell you where you should be.

Q: Can you eat and drink in the class?

A: You cannot eat during lesson or on the corridors, but you can have a drink of water in class. Fizzy drinks and energy drinks are not allowed in school.

Q; What time do we start and finish?

A: We start school at 8:45 am but you are better being on the yard by 8:40am so that you are not late. We finish school at 3:15 pm. After school clubs are available and these finish at 4:15 pm

Q; Do I have to wear my full school uniform?

A: Full school uniform must always be worn. In lesson you can ask the teacher permission to take your blazer off, but this must be put back on when you leave your lesson.

Q: Is there a lot of bullying at high school?

A: No. We are a small, friendly school. If you feel you are being bullied you must speak to any adult or Mr. Gray and Mrs. Hargreaves straight away so that it can be dealt with.

Q; Can I wear my earrings?

A: No jewellery is allowed in school and piercings cannot be worn. You are allowed to wear a wristwatch.

Q; Can I have lines in my hair or wear my hair down?

A: No. Hair must not be shorter than a ‘number 2’. All shoulder length hair must be fastened back with a black bobble.

Q: How do I get into the school building in the morning?

A: You come into school via the yard and the entrances on St Thomas road. Students must not walk through the car park to get to the yard and cannot enter school through reception.

Q: What do I need to bring to school?

A: You will need to bring a bag with your writing equipment on the first day. The rest of the time you will have to bring your equipment, planner, your books and your PE kit on the days you need it.

Q: What if I feel unwell.

A: Tell your teacher and they will get a first aider to come and speak to you. The first aider will decide what action to take.

Q: Does Moor Park have lockers?

A: No, we don’t have lockers. You must carry all your books and equipment in your bag.

Q: What do I need to bring on my first day?

A: You need to bring your bag and your writing equipment. You may also like to bring a small bottle of water and a snack for break time.

Q: Will I need my PE kit on the first day?

A: No you will not need your PE kit on the first day of school, you will be given a timetable on your first day and this will tell you which day you need to bring your PE kit to school.

Q: Can I wear any clothes for PE?

A: No, you must wear the correct school PE kit. You can get a detention of 30 minutes if you do not have the correct PE kit.

 Q: What if I am ill/injured and I cannot do PE?

A: You will need a note from your parent or carer, BUT you will still need to bring your PE kit to school as you will be assigned a none physical task such as score keeping.

Q: How do you log on to the school computers?

A: You will get a sticker with all your log in and password details and this will be put into your planner and must be kept safe. You will use this to logon to the school system.

Q: If I get a detention when will I do it.

A: If you get a detention before 1pm you will do the detention on the same day. If you get a detention after 1pm you will do this detention the day after. All late to school detentions are done on the day you are late.

Q: How will I tell my parents I have a detention?

A: Your parents or carers will be able to check on synergy if you have a detention.

Q: Are there rules to follow on the corridors?

A: All school rules apply on the corridors. We have a one way system on the corridor and stairs that students must follow, we always walk on the left hand side of the corridor.

Q: What if I lose some of my belongings.

A: You can ask at the site supervisor office or Year 7 office to see if the item has been handed in. Any lost PE kit can be found in the PE department, so you will need to ask your PE teacher.

Q: If I have a query who do I ask?

A: You can ask any members of staff and they will help you. You will also see your form tutor every day and you can talk to your form tutor.

Q: Do I need to bring all my books every day?

A: No, use your timetable to see what lesson you have each day, then pack your bag each evening with the correct books and do not forget your PE kit on the day you have PE.

Q: What sort of shoes do I have to wear?

A: You must wear substantial black school shoes with no logos on and boots are not allowed.

Q: Will I need a coat?

A: Yes, a waterproof coat would be best as you will be going on the yard at break and lunch in all weathers.

Q: What if I have forgot my lunch or my lunch money?

A: Speak to your form tutor or ask at the Year 7 office, they will advise you what to do.