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Assessment Dates

You can book a place by completing the application form on our school website which will be available from September.

When you book the assessment, you will be able to specify which test date you would prefer,  however this is subject to availability of spaces. You will be required to enter your child’s details, primary school and your own email/mobile number. It is essential your contact details are correct as we will confirm the booking via email/text with the date and time of your child’s assessment.

The assessment itself is non-verbal reasoning.  It involves solving problems usually presented in diagram or picture form.  Non-verbal reasoning is tested because it shows a variety of skills that are not limited by words and language. It is also believed that they show a child’s general intelligence and ability without being dependent on Maths or English skills.  Examples of non-verbal reasoning are available on our school website.

On the day of the assessment you will bring your child to school via the sixth form entrance on St. Thomas’ road. You should arrive 30 minutes before the start time of your child’s assessment. You will be asked to sign in and confirm your child’s date of birth.

Families will be invited to wait in the school dining room while the children take the assessment.

The assessment will take approximately 45 minutes and there is no requirement for you to bring any equipment. If you are late for the assessment, you may be denied access as this could disturb the other children, so please make sure you arrive in plenty of time.

Below are examples of the Fair Banding Assessment along with an Answer Sheet