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Our New Admission Policy

Our New Admission Policy was introduced for the 2024/25 school year.
Your child will need to sit an assessment in October as part of the admission process for a year 7 place in September.

Moor Park High School accepts students of all abilities, and in order to secure a truly comprehensive intake, all applicants for admission must take a Fair Banding assessment.

Fair Banding is the use of a short assessment which allocates children to an ability band according to their results. There are 5 ability bands, and this means we can take a range of children from different abilities. It’s a common system used around the country, particularly in London, and is a fair way to ensure we remain truly comprehensive and have a broad intake of abilities entering our school.

The assessment is quite informal and nothing to worry about. It is a 45-minute, multiple choice question paper that is designed to be accessible to all children, regardless of their home language.

All children looking for a place in year 7 will need to complete the Fair Banding assessment in October whilst they are in year 6. This is because it forms part of the admission process for September. After October there will no longer be an opportunity to sit the assessment so make sure you sign up after attending our September Open Evening.

This is not a pass or fail assessment. The assessment is only to establish which ability band your child falls into and this information is used as part of our admission process.