Communicating with Parents


You will already be aware of INSIGHT which allows you as a parent to see data related to your child’s academic information such as attendance, behaviour, timetables, homework, reports and detentions.  What you may not be aware of is that INSIGHT has an app which you can download from your phone’s Appstore.  The benefits of downloading the app are:

  • it allows you to remain logged in
  • it provides instant access to your child’s information
  • it provides you with notifications (ie new school reports and behaviour)
  • it allows you to see the homework teachers have set for your child

Connect by Parentapps

We launched our school communication app called Connect, in February 2020.

The app has greatly improved the way we communicate with you by linking directly with our website and providing you with instant access to our term dates, events information, letters home, after school clubs and much more.

The app also allows you to:

  • report pupil absences
  • submit leave of absence requests for medical appointments
  • make changes to your contact details
  • view and submit consent forms for trips and events
  • recommend family members to be able to access the app

In addition, we use the app to send out push notifications.  These are messages that are sent directly to all those parents and carers that have downloaded the app.  As push notifications are free of charge, we use this as an alternative way to communicate with you.  We have greatly reduced the amount of calls, text messages and paperwork (letters, trip information etc) so that we can save the trees, our carbon footprint and the school budget!

With effect from Monday 20 April 2020, we ceased to send paper copies of letters/consent forms etc (unless this presents a problem for you).  If this is the case, please contact the school office to discuss the matter.

Details of how to download both apps can be found below

If you have any questions or concerns, or require further clarification with regards to the instructions, please speak to a member of the office team.

We hope you enjoy using our apps and would love to hear your feedback.

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