Accelerated Reader

Now in its fourth year, the Accelerated Reader initiative continues to be hugely successful. All KS3 classes access our well-resourced Library during their weekly Accelerated Reader lesson, where they are supported by Mr Dearden to select from a wide range of appropriately challenging fiction and non-fiction texts.

Pupils are initially assessed in order to establish their reading level. Based on this level, pupils are set individual targets to achieve over each of the three school terms.

With their levels and targets established, pupils read from a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction texts. When a book has been completed, pupils take an online quiz in order to establish their understanding of the text.

Success in the book quizzes contributes to the achievement of pupils’ targets. Targets are closely monitored, and incentives are given to encourage maximum engagement with the programme.

Over the course of the school year, each pupil’s reading progress is tracked by repeated assessment.

Success is celebrated. Each week Year 7 and 8 classes compete to be awarded ‘Class of the Week’. Top 5 leaderboards display those pupils who, individually, have passed the most quizzes, collected the most points and read the most words.