Staff List – 2022/23


Mr Corbett Headteacher
Mr Barker Assistant Headteacher – Reporting and Assessment
Miss Ishtiaq Deputy Headteacher – Behaviour and Inclusion
Mrs Jowett School Business Manager
Miss Morgan Assistant Headteacher – Head of Sixth Form
Mrs Roberts Deputy Headteacher – Curriculum and Standards
Mrs Shallcross Assistant Headteacher – Professional Learning
Mrs Ali Teacher of RE/Second in charge of Humanities
Mrs Ali Teaching Assistant 3
Mr Allison Faculty Director for Mathematics
Mr Amla Teacher of Maths/Second in Mathematics
Mrs Aslam Faculty Director for English and Literacy
Ms Bailey Faculty Director for Art, Performance and Technologies (APT)
Mr Barker Boys PE Support/Cover Supervisor
Mr Batan Teacher of Mathematics
Mr Bell Teacher of Boys PE
Mrs Bibi Teacher of Mathematics
Miss Chauhan Science Technician
Mr Cooper ICT Systems Manager
Mrs Cruse Receptionist/Office Manager
Mr Dalal Year 10/11 Leader/Safeguarding Lead
Mr Daud Teacher of Science
Miss Dear-Devine Student Teacher of Mathematics
Mr Dearden Librarian
Mr Desai Teacher of Science/Second in charge of Science
Miss Fairhurst Teacher of Drama
Mrs Fletcher Interventions Co-ordinator
Mr Fletcher Exams, Data and Assessment Officer
Miss Garcia Teacher of Spanish
Miss Ghadiyali Teacher of English
Mrs Gillatt Pupil Health and Welfare Officer
Miss Goodchild Teacher of RE
Mr Gray Year 6/7 Transition Leader
Miss Grayston Teacher of English
Miss Hamilton Receptionist/Office Manager
Mrs Hargreaves Behaviour Manager
Mrs Harris Attendance/Admin Assistant
Miss Harrison Teaching Assistant 3
Mrs Hodge Teacher of Science
Mr Holliday Teacher of History
Mrs Horrocks Teaching Assistant 2
Miss Hulme Student Teacher of PE
Miss Jones Teacher of Science
Miss Jules Behaviour Manager
Mr Karbhari Teacher of Psychology, HSC
Mrs Kearns Behaviour Manager
Mrs Khan Cover Supervisor
Mrs Lamb Teacher of Music/Subject Leader for Performing Arts
Mr Leonard IT Systems Technician
Mr Manfredi Student Teacher of English
Miss Mars Teacher of English/Second in English
Mrs Marsden Assistant School Business Manager
Miss Marshall Teacher of Psychology, Sociology, HSC/DofE Co-Ordinator
Miss McArthur Girls PE Support/Cover Supervisor
Miss McBrearty LSA
Miss McGrath Teacher of Girls PE/Subject Leader of PE
Mr McHale Faculty Director for Science & STEM
Mrs McPhail KS3 Literacy and Numeracy Lead Teaching Assistant
Mrs Miller Behaviour Manager
Mr Mir Student Teacher of Computing
Ms Mitton SENCO
Mrs Moore Teaching & Learning Support Co-Ordinator
Mrs Murray-Brown Teacher of Art
Mr Nayler Teacher of Boys PE
Mrs Park Office Manager
Mr Patel Teacher of Design Technology/Subject Leader for Design Technology
Mrs Patel Teacher of Law
Mrs Pickup Behaviour Manager
Mr Pottage Technology Technician
Mr Powers Mentor
Miss Robinson Teacher of Maths
Miss Romeo Teacher of Design Technology/Lead for BTEC courses
Mr Royle Assistant Premises Manager
Mr Saunders Premises Manager
Mrs Schwarz Teacher of English
Miss Seth Teacher of Maths (Maternity Leave)
Mr Seva Teacher of Business/Subject Leader for Business and Computing
Mr Shah Trainee Teacher of English
Mr Shaw KS5 Student Support Officer/DofE Co-Ordinator
Mr Strachan Assistant Premises Manager
Mrs Tolson Year 8/9 Leader/Attendance Lead
Miss Valli Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs Vickery Teacher of Art/Subject Leader for Art
Mr Walker Teacher of Computing
Mrs Walker Finance and Business Support Assistant
Miss Ward Teacher of Science
Miss Wells Acting Faculty Leader for Humanities & Social Sciences
Mrs Wood Teaching Assistant 2
Miss Wright Teacher of Spanish (Maternity Leave)