Year 7 Transition

Through the school’s transition team we will provide a range of supportive events for our local primary schools to help key stage 2 students feel confident about their move to secondary school. During key stage 2, our teachers will work alongside teachers in primary schools to provide opportunities for students to visit Moor Park High School and Sixth Form and engage in a range of activities. This means that most of the children at our local primary schools will already know their teachers and will have experienced our school prior to beginning year 7 so they can make a confident start at Moor Park High School and Sixth Form.

Induction Process

School Visits

In the Summer term of year 6, our transition team will visit students in their primary schools, listening to their teachers about their social, personal, curriculum and learning needs. The transition team will also talk to the students about what to expect and introduce a group of ‘buddies’ who will act as peer mentors to befriend and help support them in the following year. In June, all incoming students are invited to attend an induction day where they will enjoy lessons, be introduced to some of their teachers and make new friends.


Additional Support

For students who may need additional support transitioning to high school, the school provides a personalised programme of additional support. This may include:

  • Extra visits
  • Meetings between parents and other agencies that work with the child
  • SEND meetings
  • Attending ‘The Bridge’ project

Parents Events

Parents are also invited to a new intake information event. We understand that parents have busy schedules so we have introduced two information events which will take place on different days at different times-it is hoped that this will allow as many parents as possible to attend ONE of the events. The new intake information event will give parents the opportunity to;

  • Meet key staff including the Deputy Headteacher, Head of Year 7 and Transition Coordinator
  • Learn more about the school’s routines and expectations
  • Learn how parents can be involved with the school
  • Discuss any concerns about starting high school.

To support parents in completing our school admission pack a member of staff will be available during a range of ‘drop in’ sessions in the Summer term.

The Final Part of the Journey

The transition process continues into year 7 as the transition team will continue to work with all year 7 students throughout their first year at Moor Park.

In September, the students follow a transition curriculum. This encourages students to transfer valuable skills from year 6 to year 7 through their work. To ensure progression in learning, the year 7 curriculum builds on the curriculum covered at primary school. For more information on our curriculum please click here

For parents there is also a meeting in the first half term to enable them to speak to their child’s form tutor.

Partnership with Parents

As a school, we maintain high levels of contact with parents. For the most up to day information please check the Year 7 Transition pages on our website where you will find our school uniform list, term dates, school meal information and much more.

In the meantime, don’t forget to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ our school social media pages:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @moorparktweets

Our primary method of communication throughout the transition process will be email so please keep an eye out for emails from [email protected] in your inbox.  We encourage parents to contact us if they have any concerns they would like to discuss.

Year 7 Groupings

Year 7 students are divided into four tutor groups M, P, H and S. These are mixed ability groups that reflect our comprehensive intake.

Within each tutor group, we endeavour, where possible, to make sure that every child has at least one friend, however, tutor groups are also an opportunity to make new friends with young people from different primary schools.

In most faculty areas, year 7 teaching groups are based on form groups. In maths, students are set by the department areas who have autonomy on how they do this, dependent on the needs of the students in the year group. All core subjects have all of their classes taught at the same time, allowing movement between classes to be possible.

Helpful Links

Opposite are some links that will help ensure that you have all the information you need for your child to be ready for their first day in September.