A Level Course

Why should I study Physics at Moor Park?

This is a highly regarded A Level which requires determination and great problem solving skills. You will also be taught in small classes.

What will the course involve?

Physics is a key part of science and technology and it appeals to those people who want to understand the world around them.

The course will deliver Physics in a stimulating manner whilst ensuring that the basics necessary for further study are covered. Astrophysics, particle physics, quantum physics, and technological applications such as medical physics, are some of the areas that you will find particularly enjoyable.

Problems will be studied, both in class and for homework, to help you to explore how the theories are applied to real-life situations. Practical work will be regularly undertaken, via class experiments and in the practical unit. Tests, homework and projects using ICT are regularly set to monitor your performance.

How will I be assessed?

OCR Physics is assessed with 3 written examinations at the end of the second year of study under the following headings:

Modeling physics
Exploring physics
Unified physics

Students will also complete the ‘practical endorsement’ comprising 12 essential physics experiments which are fully supported and tracked in student lab – books.

Where does this course lead?

Physics is a fascinating subject to study at higher level and Physics graduates are in demand because of their analytical skills and proven ability to solve problems.

Physics is an essential requirement for a number of careers and in the past students have entered a broad range of areas including medicine, engineering, architecture, computer science as well as physics.

What are the entry requirements for this course?

You will need at least a grade B in your GCSE Science.

Exam Board: