Pupils’ Code of Conduct

We, the pupils of Moor Park Business and Enterprise School, will try to make the most of all our opportunities by:

  • attending school every day
  • arriving on time every morning
  • arriving on time to every lesson
  • taking part in trips, activities, sports and clubs as much as possible

We will take responsibility for our own learning by:

  • paying full attention to our teachers
  • doing our very best in all our lessons
  • bringing the correct equipment and Homework Diary every day
  • completing all our homework and G.C.S.E. coursework on time
  • achieving good monitoring grades every half term

We will show respect and understanding to everyone, pupil or adult, in the school by:

  • listening to the views and opinions of other people, even if they are different to our own
  • allowing everyone to get on with their work
  • speaking politely at all times and using good manners
  • following instructions and behaving well in lessons, on the corridors, in the canteen, on the yard, and before and after school

We will promote the good name of our school by:

  • behaving well when we are out of school
  • being polite and friendly to all our visitors
  • wearing the correct uniform at all times
  • being proud of our school
  • supporting the School Motto: EXCELLENCE IN ALL

Most pupils work hard and behave well in school, and are rewarded for this with Merit Awards, Certificates, and the feeling of a job well done.

Occasionally, however, self-discipline breaks down and pupils do not give of their best. On such occasions teachers apply such disciplinary measures as are appropriate, following school policy, perhaps by setting additional work, or detaining a pupil at break, lunchtime or, after informing parents, after school. In more serious cases we will always involve you in attempting to resolve problems.