Fair Banding Header
From 2024 our admission policy is changing

For our 2024/25 intake we will operate a 'Fair Banding' assessment process. So if you're planning to name Moor Park High School on your school application, you must register your child to sit our assessment.

Our New Admission Policy

Moor Park High School accepts students of all abilities, and in order to secure a truly comprehensive intake, all applicants for admission must take a Fair Banding assessment.

This is not a pass or fail test. All applicants for places in the school will be placed
into five even ability bands. The bands will be defined by the ability ranges of all
students who sit the assessment nationally. These assessments do not assess a
student’s literacy or mathematical skills, nor do they require any general knowledge.

Parents/Carers who intend to put Moor Park High School down on the
preference form as either first, second or third choice will need to take the
school’s Fair Banding assessment