Applied Science

BTEC Level 3 Course

Why should I study Applied Science at Moor Park?

This course is for those students who enjoy finding out how things work, and who have an enthusiasm and interest in science.

Applied Science allows you as the student to cover aspects of Chemistry and Biology, combining this with Maths and industrial experience. The dedicated science staff deliver support sessions to ensure all students are well placed to succeed on this course. If you enjoy taking part in real life practical work and the prospect of trips to prestigious universities excites you even further, the Applied Science course at Moor Park encompasses these opportunities.

Who should study Applied Science?

Do you enjoy researching information for yourself and organising it into a really good piece of coursework? Do you find examinations very challenging and find that they don’t allow you to show what you can really do? Are you well organised and good at meeting deadlines? If the above apply to you, Applied Science may well be a good choice for you.

How will I be assessed?

One of the main differences is that Applied Science is mainly assessed by portfolio work, two out of the three units are assessed this way. You study one organisation in detail from a science perspective such as Chester Zoo for example, to study about health and safety issues in light of the elephant keeper who was killed a few years ago. This does not make it any easy option – there is a lot of work involved! Students are continually assessed by teachers in a number of ways, including investigations, practical work, reports, presentations and posters.

Enrichment within the Applied Science course

Visiting places of work such the local hospitals to see science in action is an important part of the course. You will describe the science they do, who works there and what their qualifications are.

For example, at Preston Royal Hospital, you will talk to doctors, nurses, midwives, radiographers, dieticians, physiotherapists, etc., as part of your investigations. Trips to the museums such as the London Natural History Museum provide further opportunities to broaden your understanding of science in the real world.

What careers are available after the course?

Students of Applied Science study a wide range of subjects, including Psychology and Sociology. Applied Science complements Health and Social Care. If you wanted to be a teacher, you should study another National Curriculum subject as well such as English or Maths. Looking further ahead students go on to study in areas such as nursing, pharmacy, sport science and zoology.

What are the entry requirements for this course?

You will need 5 GCSEs at grade C (grade 4) or above including Maths, English and Science.

Exam Board: Pearsons