A Level Course

Why should I study Mathematics at Moor Park?

If you have a logical mind and enjoy problem solving, Mathematics is a great subject to study. Moor Park has a team of committed staff who will support you throughout the course. Mathematics is highly regarded by universities and employers alike and is one of the most popular subjects in the country.

What will the course involve?

The course is split into three areas: Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics. All units are compulsory. The Pure Mathematics focuses on algebra.

Year 12 and 13

– Proof
– Algebra & functions
– Coordinate geometry
– Sequence & series

– Exponentials & logarithms
– Differentiation
– Integration
– Vectors

– Statistical sampling
– Data presentation & interpretation
– Statistical distributions
– Statistical hypothesis testing

– Quantities & units in mechanics
– Kinematics
– Forces & Newton’s laws

Year 13

  • Core 3 – Algebra, higher trigonometry; circles; numerical methods
  • Core 4 – Algebra and functions; coordinate geometry in here dimensions; differentiation; integration; vectors
  • Statistics 1 – Mathematical models in probability and statistics; representation and summary of data; probability; correlation and regression; discrete random variables; discrete distributions; the Normal distribution.

In each year there is a third module which is taken. This can be selected from a variety of options including Mechanics, Statistics and Decision Making.

How will I be assessed?

There are three, 2 hour papers equally weighted. Paper 1 and 2 are Pure Mathematics with paper 3 Statistics and Mechanics.

Where does this course lead?

A Level Mathematics is important for careers in engineering, computing, accountancy, economics, business, banking, air traffic control, retail management, architecture, surveying, cartography, psychology and, of course, teaching to name but a few. An A Level in Mathematics can be taken alongside almost any other combination of subjects.

What are the entry requirements for this course?

Standard school A Level requirements and at least a grade B in Maths GCSE.

Exam Board: Edexcel The specification is subject to change for first time teaching in September 2017.