A Level Course

Why should I study Psychology at Moor Park?

The course will be one of the most popular subjects in our sixth form. It links well with many other A Levels and is a good preparation for those who want to either study the sciences or the humanities subjects in greater detail.

What will the course involve?

Year 12
The course will consist of multiple interesting and diverse areas of Psychology. You will divulge into aspects of human memory, investigating into why people remember and forget information. Additionally, you will research into the principle of human attachments, allowing you to debate controversial issues such as why children display a variety of behaviours.

You will get the chance to investigate into why people behave as they do, the structure of the mind and how that effects human ability.

There is also the opportunity to develop research skills and understand how science works.

Year 13
We will explore topics such as forensic psychology, focusing on criminal behaviour, health and clinical psychology, where you will get to grips with mental illnesses and the cognitive development of the mind.

How will I be assessed?

This is a 100% written assessment course. At the end of the two years you will sit three 2 hour papers during the summer term. These three papers will equate to your A Level qualification and will be equally weighted.

Together the exams test both your breadth and depth of understanding, which are assessed through a variety of written answers.

Essay writing skills will also be developed throughout the length of the course. You will get lots of help and support in the build up to these important exams.

Where does this course lead?

An A Level in Psychology is well thought of in most universities and provides students with a variety of skills that will be transferable to other subjects.

Many students will progress into careers in a wide variety of subjects such as medicine, the social sciences, or a combination of Psychology with other subjects.

What are the entry requirements for this course?

You will need at least a grade B in English and Maths.

Exam Board: AQA