GCSEpod is an award-winning digital content and revision provider used by over 1,250 schools worldwide.

As a subscriber, your child now has access to GCSEPod’s library of over 6,000 ‘Pods,’ 3-5 minute videos designed to deliver knowledge in short bursts. GCSEPod makes learning and revision much more manageable: every Pod is mapped to an exam board, and contains all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and annotated diagrams that your child needs for GCSE success – all neatly organised into topics and exam playlists.

One of the best things about GCSEPod is that you can download any Pod to your child’s mobile device, and then they can watch them at any time, in any place, with or without internet. It’s like they’re carrying a whole set of textbooks in their pocket! Make sure you download the GCSEPod app from the App Store (Apple and Android are supported) to access this feature.

GCSEPod also has the ability to identify knowledge gaps and automatically send playlists to help fill them. After completing any homework set on GCSEPod, your child will get a personalised “Boost Playlist” of Pods relevant to their identified areas of weakness. We strongly suggest you encourage your child to review these playlists regularly as this will speed up their progress.

We recommend that you talk about GCSEPod with your son or daughter – check that they’ve successfully activated their account and encourage them to make use of this amazing resource throughout their GCSE’s. Once they’ve activated their account, they can browse the GCSEPod library and create their own playlists – just as they would when they’re listening to music. If they have missed a lesson or they are unsure of the something they have covered in class; they can access relevant pods to help them.

How to access GCSEpod for the first time 1. Go to www.gcsepod.com and click Login 2. Click “New To GCSEPod? Get Started!” and select “Student”. You might be able to access it via Office365 too. 3. Enter your name, date of birth and type in the name of our school as Moor Park High School and Sixth Form. The school’s name should appear in the dropdown menu. Click to confirm. 4. Set up your username, password and recovery email. Use your school details for ease. SPEAK TO OR MESSAGE MRS FLETCHER ON TEAMS IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE WITH ACCESSING YOUR ACCOUNT

For more ways to support your child using GCSEPod, please see the videos below or visit www.gcsepod.com/parents where you’ll find lots more information and resources.

If you have any questions regarding GCSEPod; please contact Mrs Fletcher who is leading on the initiative.