Last night myself and my daughter attended the Battle of the Bands at a live music venue in Preston. The event was arranged and organised by Claire Brook and the Lancashire Music Service and was fantastic our young people performed brilliant renditions of Metallica and the Cranberries and our ex-Head Prefect Kian Welsh played a full set with his excellent new band. Teachers make a difference and their reach goes far beyond examinations and safeguarding, they inspire and cohere. What Claire has achieved with the young people in those bands last night is miraculous and made me feel both proud and awestruck at what they have all achieved.

What was also clear last night was how much support all of the young people gave each other and how proud they were of each other’s performances. Parents were there videoing their young peoples’ performances for posterity, the feeling of pride in the young people and in the school was absolutely palpable. This is school spirit! I am extremely grateful to be leading a school where a member of staff so magnanimously goes the extra mile to change young peoples lives.