Art & Design

A Level Course

Why should I study Art and Design at Moor Park?

Art, craft and design gives you the skills and knowledge to create personal and imaginative work. This is a broad-based course exploring practical, critical and contextual work through a range of 2D and/or 3D processes and media. The specification is designed to:

  • Develop your interest and enjoyment in the study of Art and Design, fostering its value in lifelong learning
  • Develop personal responses related to your own interests, ideas, observation, experiences, environments and cultures
  • Work from your own strengths focussing on a specialist area of study from a variety of exciting processes and media

If you have an adventurous, creative and enquiring mind and are excited by shaping and determining the visual world around us, then Moor Park is course for you.

What will the course involve?

Two pathways of your choice.

What will I study?

All students will complete a 10 week Art portfolio.

Year 12 Components
For component 2, you produce personal work in response to one of five exciting starting points which will count for 40% of your total AS marks. Component 1, your art portfolio from the start of the course, will count as 60%.

Year 13 Components
At A Level for component 1 you will develop work for a personal investigation into an idea, issue, concept or theme supported by written material. This will count for 60% of your total A Level marks.

In component 2 you will produce personal work in response to one of eight exciting starting points which will count for 40% of your total A Level marks.

How will I be assessed?

100% coursework.

Where will the course lead?

At the end of the A Level course you will have the skills, knowledge and understanding needed for higher
education. Possible degree options include architecture, art conservation, art history, art therapy, fashion design, film/video production, fine art, graphic design, photography, product design, textile design, theatre design, threedimensional design and web design.

What are the entry requirements for this course?

You will need at least a grade B (grade 6) in GCSE Art to start this course, although each application is taken on its own merits. A portfolio of work will need to be presented if Art has not been studied previously.

Exam Board: AQA