A Level Course

Why should I study History at Moor Park?

History is one of the key A Levels much respected by Higher Education institutions.

What will the course involve?

This GCE course will help you understand the value and significance of world events. In the process you will gain a deeper understanding of social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity. Knowing how people lived in the past helps us to understand why people act like they do today.

The overall focus for our chosen pathway at Moor Park is the study of the search for rights and freedoms in the twentieth century. There is a wide range of enrichment opportunities in this subject.

What will I study?

Key Component 1: Breadth study with Interpretations (30% A Level)
In search of the American Dream: the USA, c1917–96.
Key Component 2: Depth study (20% A Level)
South Africa, 1948–94: from apartheid state to ‘rainbow nation’.
Key Component 3: Themes in breadth with aspects in depth (30% A Level)
Poverty, public health and the state in Britain, c1780–1939.
Key Component 4: Coursework (20% A Level)
Students complete an independently researched enquiry on historical interpretations, e.g. the origins of the Cultural Revolution in China. This takes the form of a 3000-4000 word essay.

How will I be assessed?

For the A Level, components 1, 2 and 3 will be assessed through three separate examinations at the end of your second year of study. The coursework component will be assessed by your teacher and moderated by the examination board.

Where does this course lead?

As well as being an important subject in its own right, History also prepares you very well for higher education and can be useful in any career. Students who specialise in History can go on to work in the fields of law, politics, journalism, social work, public services and teaching.

What are the entry requirements for this course?

You will need at least a grade B in your GCSE English and Humanities subjects in order to start this course, although each application is taken on its merits.

Exam Board: Edexcel